The YVSICT anticipates this habitat improvement project on Butcherknife Creek in Steamboat Springs, CO to provide an overall uplift and enhancement to the creek as it flows through the Steamboat Springs School District land. It is a goal of the Trust and other project stakeholders to improve Butcherknife Creek into a healthy stream system that supports a robust riparian corridor that will support a wide variety of wildlife, as well as a creek that has increased habitat for fish and even the macroinvertebrates that call the creek home. In conjunction, we would also like to design and build an environment that allows for a great experience for the public as they walk along the creek, from bird watching to fly-fishing. Finally, we see this as a great opportunity for the students at the school to aid throughout the process of this project, with a final outcome of a one-of-a-kind natural classroom. 

Butcherknife Creek Project at the Strawberry Park Schools Campus